Historical european manufacturer for FIRST SwitchTECH

Since its establishment in 1955, STPI has continuously given proof of its adaptability. Historically situated in the defense sector, STPI has developed its activities in the aeronautics, railway and space industries. Experience sharing between these different markets as well as increasing production volumes have made it possible for STPI to combine product reliability with cost optimisation.

STPI Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant,


Making constant progress from the beginning, and thus following its customer’s expansion (Airbus, Ariane, Eurocopter...) STPI has relied on different key success factors:

This is the basis, together with its customers’ success, which will ensure the durability of a human-sized company and shall ensure STPI’s continuous success in the future. Important means of production and an Engineering Department enable STPI to master the key technologies of the industry :

We qualify our equipment for severe environment ( abd, do160, etc…)

STPI Head Office and Manufacturing Plant

Main entrance : 58 Avenue Claude Vellefaux

Production & delivery access : 17 rue Vicq d’Azir

75010 PARIS (France)

Tel. +33 (0)1 42 03 94 20 • Fax +33 (0)1 42 03 52 85